Goodbye Kaseto!

After 8 years it's time to say goodbye to Kaseto. It has been a great time and to be honest it was very hard for me to make the decision to stop the project.

There are plenty of audio and music player available. However, I never found the perfect one for me. So, I had decided to create my own one. During the development I learned a lot and was very proud when I could release the first version of Kaseto in 2016.

When I started developing Kaseto, I was single and had enough much time for a project of the size of Kaseto. I could really polish the music player to be exactly what I wanted it to be. However, I'm married now and we have a wonderful daughther. My priorities have shifted and I'm no longer able to invest enough time into Kaseto.

I want to thank all users of Kaseto and hope that you have enjoyed listening your music with Kaseto. Especially, I want to thank you all translators of Kaseto and the website. Thank you for your great job!

- Martin (