Update for Kaseto 1.1

June 26, 2018

Kaseto 1.1.1 fixes an error that occured sometimes when saving changes in the tag editor.


Control Over the Current Playback with Kaseto 1.1

April 21, 2018

Kaseto 1.1 introduces a new menu item in the navigation bar: “Now Playing”. There you can see all songs that have been enqueued for playback. Songs can be reordered by drag and drop to change the order of playback. It is also possible to remove songs from the current playback via the remove action in the context menu, which can be opened by clicking the right mouse button on a single song or a selection of multiple songs.

In order to improve the clarity, the currently played song is marked with a small speaker icon in every view. If you open the context menu in Kaseto 1.1, all songs are highlighted in green, to which the context menu refers. This makes it clearer which songs are affected by the actions in the context menu.

Under Windows 10, Kaseto can now handle folders whose path is longer than 240 characters and files whose path is longer than 260 characters. This requires the .NET framework 4.6.2 or later to be installed. Windows usually installs the current version of the .NET framework automatically as an update.

The integrated full text search in Kaseto 1.1 can handle names that contain digits. For example, in previous versions of Kaseto you could not search for “1973” to find the song “1973” by James Blunt. This works finally with the newest version.

Furthermore there were several bug-fixes, which mainly concern the selection of multiple songs and updating after changes.


Kaseto in Spanish available

March 7, 2018
This week we received a Spanish translation. Of course, we have integrated it directly into Kaseto. Many thanks to Oswaldo for his great work! The current version of Kaseto 1.0.4 contains eight translations now.


Kaseto 1.0.4 copes better with corrupted audio files

December 19, 2017

Before version 1.0.4, it could happen that Kaseto stops loading the entire music collection, if one or more audio files are corrupted. Kaseto 1.0.4 can simply ignore such audio files and load all other audio files of the music collection.


Kaseto in Polish available

December 3, 2017

With the translation into Polish, Kaseto is now available in seven languages. Thank you Zbyszek for the great translation! If you miss your language in Kaseto, you can easily translate Kaseto by yourself. We will be happy to send you a text file with all the texts that need to be translated including a small manual. Just drop us a note.


Kaseto 1.0.3 contains several bug-fixes

November 27, 2017

With version 1.0.3, Kaseto can be started under several user profiles at the same time. Windows 7 users can now listen to their music without any error messages when Aero Glass is disabled. Furthermore, images that are not compatible with GDI+ will no longer generate error messages.


Second Update for Kaseto 1.0

November 21, 2017

Kaseto 1.0.2 is able to load audio files with corrupt embedded images by just ignoring such images. In addition, an error has been fixed that prevented the enqueuing of additional songs during random playback.


Update for Kaseto 1.0

November 13, 2017

Kaseto 1.0.1 is able to load covers with invalid Exif data. Albums and songs are now automatically refreshed in the search when tags or files have been changed.


Kaseto 1.0 is out

November 12, 2017

It’s already a year ago that the first preview version of Kaseto was released. The time has finally come to release Kaseto 1.0! The focus for version 1.0 was on stability and troubleshooting.

There are also some minor improvements. For example, covers can be exchanged in the tag editor via drag and drop. This works with both Windows Explorer and any browser. Simply drag the image file with the mouse onto the old cover.

Now Kaseto offers the possibility for installing updates automatically when closing the program. In the future, you will benefit directly and conveniently from new features! Automatic updates can be turned on and off in the settings.

For Kaseto 1.1, there are again plans for major new features, such as a sortable and modifiable list of all scheduled songs for playback.


Update for Kaseto 0.9

April 1, 2017

Kaseto 0.9.1 shows metadata changes immediately without any delay. The info tab in the metadata editor was broken for albums with only a single track. This is fixed now. There is also a minor update for the Italian translation.