Kaseto 2.1 Simplifies the Organization of Playlists

February 25, 2020

The new version of Kaseto simplifies the creation of playlists, allows to add songs via drag’n’drop, provides sorting of songs by various criteria, and fixes a few bugs.

With Kaseto 2.1 it is possible to right-click on the navigation bar to open a context menu that allows to create a new empty playlist. Now, songs and albums can not only be added to a playlist via the context menu, but can also be put directly onto the desired playlist via drag’n’drop. This simplifies the organization of playlists a lot.

In the tracks view, where all songs are displayed as a table, the new version shows a heading for each column. With a click on a heading, all songs can be sorted according to the selected column. The sorting is ascending (A-Z) with the first click, descending (Z-A) with the second click, and the sorting is reset to default after the third click.

Additionally, Kaseto 2.1 includes a few small bug fixes that fixes problems and delays when refreshing views after tag changes.

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